The “Wow” Factor

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Now that we have completed the room layout in the shop and the built all the boxes and cabinets, it is time to add the details to the build. Some of the elements we incorporate are organic shapes and structures added on or “padded” to the rigid square design of our foundation structures. Its very important that we distract the eye and disguise the practical elements of the room to help complete illusion of a candy factory. We decided to break up the large base cabinets by creating an oozing countertop that mimics a flowing liquid or candy that appears to pour from a spout in the main entry. The countertop then flows from the entry to the opposite end of the room, where it will appear to melt or flow right off the top and onto the floor below. This process takes some layering of material, patience, and time shaping / sanding the MDF to achieve this smooth fluid look. I like to use MDF in many of my projects because of its versatility, consistent density, and smooth finish. This part of the project is where I have to use restraint, it’s the part where if you are not careful, you can keep coming up with ideas and creating eternally…ultimately I find myself with more ideas than available budget, so I try to bag a few for the next project and cherry pick the best for the bird in hand. To wrap up the build, we decided our elements would be a hidden crawl tunnel, beanbag toss, chalkboard, art station, computer desk, crafting counter, and a custom bookshelf with the last initial of the family.

These build details, when painted, ultimately become the elements of the room that tie in with the mural and provide the room with the ultimate “WOW factor”! The wow factor can be many things to many different people, but for me, it is the show stopper image of the completed project that burns into the viewers brain and refuses to leave. That single image which becomes the benchmark for your initial vision and the destination room in the home that everyone leaves talking about…that’s the goal!

Next we begin the mural…please stay tuned and feel free to share the page with your friends as we begin to ramp up the projects and blog.

To see completed photos of The Candy Factory, see our “Welcome to Our Blog” post.

Jason Hulfish

Jason Hulfish is a renowned American artist and designer who has been bringing both residential and commercial spaces to life for over 20 years. His work can be seen in the homes of professional athletes, celebrities, as well as the hit TV show “Extreme Makeover Home Edition.” His tireless efforts to push the boundaries of home decor and custom living spaces have created masterpieces as uniquely different as the clients themselves.

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